My Secret Shaving Tip

I really don’t want to have a category called male grooming here – so if anyone can think of a better name, let me know in the comments. Anyway, I want to share my secret tip for finishing off the perfect shave. Many of you will already know to apply some kind of aftershave balm or […]

Focussed on Omnifocus

I’ve started using Omnifocus for improving my GTD ‘experience’ for want of a better word. I’ve even gone as far as to sign up for the free e-mail course provided by Asian Efficiency (since bought the pro-posts) But I’ve noticed that I am using Omnifocus for much more than just work tasks. I’m also using it as […]

E-mailing Skellyrocker@Dropbox

I.T. at our office is getting tighter and tighter on security issues. That’s fine, but it’s impacting a little on my productivity workflow. Before the start of the year we had our personal Dropbox folders removed. Then access to install new software was rescinded. Now passwords have to be updated every month with complex alpha-numero-symbolic […]

iPhone Macro Photography Hack

I was cleaning out my desk drawers the other week, when I came across my old lens for looking at mineral and core samples – it’s called a triplet loupe. It occurred to me that this could be a really simple way of taking some Macro shots with my iPhone. The set up is really […]

Recycle v. Upcycle

It sounds a bit like a made up word, doesn’t it? ‘Up-cycle’ The other day while lying sprawled across the sofa watching Small Spaces and dreaming of my own pub in a shed, I asked, what’s the difference? Is up-cycling just a trendy new term for recycling or is it a different thing altogether? My […]

Mining Again

So I’ve started playing Minecraft again. Not in a totally obsessive, posting YouTube videos, blogging about it, wearing the T-shirts to work and constantly making noises like a Creeper when people annoy me kind of way. No, I’m not doing that again. I’m just playing it in a quiet, enjoying the game, using it to […]

5 Last Minute Xmas Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas Eve and you’re almost ready for the big day – you just need a few more stocking fillers or that one ‘special’ present to finish off your shopping, but it’s getting late and you are running out of time. Here are some gift ideas that you can impress friends and family with and […]

The Rush Is On…

No, not the Christmas rush! The rush to finish my “Started but not Finished” book pile. I have a terrible habit of starting a book and then getting bored half the way through and wanting to go and read something else. The Hobbit – JRR Tolkien I didn’t come to the works of JRR Tolkien […]