The Fruit Garden

Now that Spring is here, like it or not, I have to head to the garden. Last year it got a bit neglected as we built the garage and it’s too big a garden to be a fair weather gardener! While most of it is given over to lawn (real and fake) and shrubberies etc. I have a small plot of land at the side of the house which we charitably call ‘the fruit garden’ Continue reading The Fruit Garden

The CCS Cash Cow

As part of the development of my CCS seminar I’ve been looking into the financial side of these developments. Specifically the ‘R&D’ funding provided by both the EU and the UK government for ‘commericalising’ CCS. There’s a lot of money being spent – but we still don’t have a commercial CCS project in the UK. Continue reading The CCS Cash Cow

Zero Dimension Climate Model

You know when you think something would be straight forward to do, but the more you look into it the more you realise it is really, really difficult? I thought I could build a simple climate model to test some theories and predictions. Turns out climate models are really really complicated, and my coding skills are only slightly better than “Hello World!”. But I did find a simple zero dimension model. Continue reading Zero Dimension Climate Model

Buildings – But Better

I won’t deny that this post is based on issues which are close to home. My home to be precise. Across the road they are digging up an old rubbish dump for future development. The view is not terribly inspiring – despite the golden morning sunshine.


The fact that there will be new houses just across the road where once there was green open space upsets me only slightly less than the houses they will build will be of poor quality with respect to energy consumption. Continue reading Buildings – But Better

Taking the Plunge

I’ve decided to take the plunge and develop a course on Carbon Capture and Storage. Having been involved in a number of projects (all of which so far have failed to come to fruition) I felt it was time to take a fresh look at how we approach identifying and developing CCS sites. Continue reading Taking the Plunge

Subterranean Windfarms

Walking though the city today on the way to work I turned a corner to be buffeted by a gale blowing down the street between the office blocks. Strong wind ranks as one of my most unpleasant weather types – I’d rather have heavy rain or snow. But it occurs to me that there is an opportunity to utilise the wind blowing through our cities both in existing  and in the design of new cities.

Continue reading Subterranean Windfarms


Been listening to the Asian Efficiency podcast recently and have started to discover the power of journaling. Continue reading Journaling

Shell Needs Bigger Balls

I pass this advert every day on my way home from work. It’s wrong. While I’m not questioning Shell’s ability to inject 2,700 tonnes of CO2 into the Goldeneye field – I think their idea of what this looks like is more than a bit wrong.




The diameter of the ball is about the height of the Forth Rail Bridge – which is 110 m from river level to top.

The volume of a sphere is 4/3 x π x r^3 (where r is the radius of the sphere).

This gives a spherical volume of 696,910 m3 or  24,611,144 ft3

This is equivalent to about 1,300 tonnes / day. Not the  2,700 tonnes stated in the advert!

To pump 2,700 tonnes per day into Goldeneye they are definitely going to need bigger balls!

Post-It Patents

Vibrating Beer MatFive years ago I started collating my ideas and sketching them out on sticky notes. The intention was to publish them online making them prior art and making the ideas open to anyone who wanted to pursue them. I don’t’ have the time nor the energy to follow up on any of these. Most of them were silly ideas like the vibrating beer mat which has a weight sensor and a vibrating motor in it. The idea being that as a pint of lager was drunk, the weight sensor would allow the vibrator to activate and thus ‘refresh’ the head of the pint. Obviously back then I had a lot of time on my hands. Others however were of a more practical level. Continue reading Post-It Patents

Tidal Power Review

I noticed that the categories under the Technology menu included Tidal – and yet I haven’t written anything about this form of renewable energy. Indeed all seems to be quiet on the tidal front. Solar is taking off in the USA and China, while Europe is loving windpower. So who is working on tidal power today and where? A look at three on-going / upcoming tidal projects… Continue reading Tidal Power Review