The Orchard Just Along the Lane

There is a little surprise just up the lane. A good surprise, for a change. While the ‘Back Lane’ (it’s actually called South Loirston Road) has suffered from removal of the tranquil views across gorse and broom and an increase in traffic – both from the on-going construction site developments and from new neighbours using the lane as a ‘short-cut’ I was really pleased to see that a local community has planted an urban orchard in one of the few remaining green spaces in the neighbourhood.


Global Apollo Programme

A major global research programme to make carbon-free baseload electricity less costly than electricity from coal, and to do it within 10 years. The Global Apollo Programme: a summary The challenge To avoid irreparable damage, governments of the world have agreed to limit the world’s rise in temperature to 2 ̊C. This means an absolute …

Source: Homepage – Global Apollo Programme


Chasing Ice

Last Sunday I got up, made myself a coffee, went out to the garden to play with the dog and have a cigarette and then came in side to sit down and watch Chasing Ice. This film is at once beautiful, frightening, provoking and inspirational.


Petroleum Industry and Climate Change – Aberdeen Climate Action

Source: Petroleum Industry and Climate Change – Aberdeen Climate Action


CO2 Now | CO2 Home

Definitely getting a little hotter – although with all this snow in April it’s hard to tell.

Source: CO2 Now | CO2 Home


The Fruit Garden

Now that Spring is here, like it or not, I have to head to the garden. Last year it got a bit neglected as we built the garage and it’s too big a garden to be a fair weather gardener! While most of it is given over to lawn (real and fake) and shrubberies etc. I have a small plot of land at the side of the house which we charitably call ‘the fruit garden’

Sleipner Field in the Norwegian North Sea

The CCS Cash Cow

As part of the development of my CCS seminar I’ve been looking into the financial side of these developments. Specifically the ‘R&D’ funding provided by both the EU and the UK government for ‘commericalising’ CCS. There’s a lot of money being spent – but we still don’t have a commercial CCS project in the UK.


Zero Dimension Climate Model

You know when you think something would be straight forward to do, but the more you look into it the more you realise it is really, really difficult? I thought I could build a simple climate model to test some theories and predictions. Turns out climate models are really really complicated, and my coding skills are only slightly better than “Hello World!”. But I did find a simple zero dimension model.


Buildings – But Better

I won’t deny that this post is based on issues which are close to home. My home to be precise. Across the road they are digging up an old rubbish dump for future development. The view is not terribly inspiring – despite the golden morning sunshine.


The fact that there will be new houses just across the road where once there was green open space upsets me only slightly less than the houses they will build will be of poor quality with respect to energy consumption.

CO2 Chimney

Taking the Plunge

I’ve decided to take the plunge and develop a course on Carbon Capture and Storage. Having been involved in a number of projects (all of which so far have failed to come to fruition) I felt it was time to take a fresh look at how we approach identifying and developing CCS sites.

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