CO2 Cost of Running a Laptop

Not my info graphic – it came through but the author is unknown – so let me know if this is yours and I’ll give credit where credit is due. I can’t see how stopping eating meat will reduce CO2 emissions? Anyone got any thoughts? Post them in the comments? Presumably red meat increases our botty burps resulting in increased methane output! I thought that was vegetables! Continue reading

The Ice Bucket is Leaking

On August 18th 2014, Facebook told TIME that 2.4 million Ice bucket challenges had taken place – a figure which had more than doubled from 1.2 million in 5 days! When I sent a friend a picture of me doing the IBC they commented that it was a huge waste of water (sometimes you can’t do right for doing wrong). But, speaking globally, is this a significant waste of our fresh water resource?


My Ice Bucket Challenge

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Scientists Fear

My friend and colleague Erik Dalhuijsen passed along a link to this website in which a number of scientists express their fears about climate change. It’s quite a sobering read but there is an element of hope attached for each of the stories of fear. In particular I liked what Will Steffen, an Earth System Scientist at the University of Florida, University of Missouri and Australian National University had to say:

The thing people don’t realise, is getting emissions down is not only feasible but economically promising and will actually lead to a better life. The narrative needs to change, it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes, it will be another massive transformation in human history, but it will lead to a cleaner environment, to more jobs, and an easier lifestyle.


Will Steffen